The History

BLACKBOROUGH HOUSE  was built in 1838 by George Francis Wyndham, the fourth and last Earl of Egremont. Designed by James Thomas Knowles, Senior who specialised in Italianate  architecture, it was originally planned to be a much grander house but a change in the Earl’s personal circumstances led to the house being re-designed as the two semi-detached houses that you see today. The Earl resided in one half and the local rector, a relation, lived on the other side. In its heyday, the house boasted 2 towers, nearly seventy feet high but since demolished. Still remaining but in great need of attention, an Italian-style loggia, encircles the ground floor and 12 huge chimneys make this property stand out in the Devon countryside
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Latest News

21st September 2018

The planning process is painfully slow and expensive. Continual delays, while more reports are called for, has meant that any decision date cannot be before early December.

In the meantime, me and my small team have continued with the clear-up and Blackborough House does look considerably different to when I took over the property last October.
Special thanks to my wonderful helpers .

Urban explorers continue to be a nuisance. They consider that it is their right to trespass on other people’s property in order to take photographs and videos of themselves in the house, so they may share their exploits with a world-wide audience. These are pure vanity projects which is causing damage to the property.
I have identified and communicated with some of these people who consider that they are doing no harm. They claim that they
just walk into and out of the property. Well, someone is scaling
security fences, smashing locks and forcing doors ! 

What would be a better use of their time is if they volunteered to help clear vegetation etc. But these days everyone wants to be
an internet sensation !
Unfortunately, trespass is a civil matter and these people know that and invite fellow ‘explorers’ to do the same.

The law needs to be tightened up on trespass.The police have said that if identified through the CCTV, they can only call upon them and advise them that the building is dangerous ! It is of great concern to me that, as Blackborough House is a derelict and dangerous building, these people could hurt themselves or worse.There are warning notices everywhere, but, alas, their bravado forces them to ignore these.

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The Present

STRUCTURALLY, the external walls are still pretty sound and the cellars dry. There is little glass in the windows but tarpaulins and plastic have been used in places to keep out the worst of the weather.

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The Future

THERE are exciting plans ahead for Blackborough House. It will not be easy but if everything falls into place, you will see a spectacular recovery, based on how the building used to look with some amazing additions, including landscaped gardens.  The site will become a multi-use events venue and will cater for weddings, corporate events and exhibitions.

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The south elevation

The scale model

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