21st September 2018

The planning process is painfully slow and expensive. Continual delays, while more reports are called for, has meant that any decision

date cannot be before early December.

In the meantime, me and my small team have continued with the clear-up and Blackborough House does look considerably different

to when I took over the property last October. Special thanks to my wonderful helpers.

Urban explorers continue to be a nuisance. They consider that it is their right to trespass on other people’s property in order to take

photographs and videos of themselves in the house, so they may share their exploits with a world-wide audience. These are pure vanity

projects which is causing damage to the property. I have identified and communicated with some of these people who consider that they

are doing no harm and just walk into and out of the property. Well, someone is scaling security fences, smashing locks and forcing doors ! 

What would be a better use of their time is if they volunteered to help clear vegetation etc. But everyone wants to be an internet sensation !.

Unfortunately, trespass is a civil matter and these people know that and invite fellow ‘explorers’ to do the same.

The law needs to be tightened up on trespass.The police have said that if identified through the CCTV, they can only call upon them and

advise them that the building is dangerous ! It is of great concern to me that, as Blackborough House is a derelict and dangerous building,

these people could hurt themselves or worse.There are warning notices everywhere, but, alas, their bravado forces them to ignore these.



3rd February 2018
The planning application for the redevelopment of Blackborough House is now online. You can access the documents on the planning section of the www.middevon.gov.uk  website,
under reference :  17/01904/MFUL
I warn you that there are a lot of documents to plough through but you can pick and choose. There is now a long wait until 24th April when a decision will be made.

1st November 2017
I first came across Blackborough House on an internet website showing derelict properties. That was over 6 years ago and I have been researching this building ever since. Thanks to the internet, I was able to gain much information about the history and its residents. Local residents and past owners have given me a lot of information together with old photographs etc. The building is 177 years old which is quite young compared to other properties in the area but a lot has happened in that time
4th October 2017
Blackborough Village Hall Scale model and plans being shown to local residents Me and my team staged a presentation at Blackborough Village Hall on the afternoon of    Wednesday 4th October. We were there all afternoon and evening, allowing local residents to ‘drop in’ and see the scale model, the plans and to learn a little about the history of Blackborough House. We also showed our plans for re-housing the 5 species of bats. There was a good attendance of about 100 people. Some people came along to reminisce about Blackborough House over a cup of coffee. It was interesting to listen to their stories. There are a lot of people out there with anecdotes and memories about Blackborough House.


2nd October 2017
Following long-drawn out negotiations with the current owner, I have been able to purchase the house and surrounding 10 acres. I decided to set up this website because so many people, that I talk to, seem interested in the house and what I hope to do with it. I have a great team of architects, surveyors and garden designers around me and, believe me, I need a great team. There is much to be done to bring this fine building back into use. You will also be able to see my consultants' side of the story by clicking on their logos below.


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