The Future

THERE are exciting plans ahead for Blackborough House. It will not be easy but if everything falls into place, you will see a spectacular recovery, based on how the building used to look with some amazing additions, including landscaped gardens. The site will become a multi-use events venue and will cater for weddings, corporate events and exhibitions. The 2 seventy-foot towers on the east and west sides will be rebuilt, giving long-reaching views over the Devon countryside. Twenty-four  luxury bedrooms on the upper floors will be available and a new low level extension will provide a large function area leading out to the gardens. Above it, will be a terrace, to make the most of any good weather. The inner courtyard will be roofed with glass providing a light and airy space. Rooms off of this area will be for smaller events.
More bedrooms will be available in a new building sited around the car park. Here, on each corner, there will be a 3 storey pavilion, each housing 6 bedrooms. Designed in such a way, these pavilions can be let room-by-room or by the floor, for a more spacious stay. A further 12 bedrooms are planned,  around and above a botanic garden sited between 2 of the pavilions. In the walled garden, there are plans for an open-air auditorium, with a nature trail on the outside.
At this stage, however, these can only be plans. There are planners and other organisations to consult and we must gain their approval before any work can commence. The full planning application is due to be lodged this month.
Blackborough House is a Grade II listed building and must be treated with respect, so we want to restore the original design but make it usable for the 21st century. So far, the response to our plans has been positive.
This website has been set up to enable everyone to see how the process is progressing. You can contact the writers (below) and possibly, you may have your own memories or photographs that we can add.

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