The Present

STRUCTURALLY, the external walls are still pretty sound and the cellars dry. There is little glass in the windows but tarpaulins and plastic has been used in places to keep out the worst of the weather. The roof is serving its purpose for the most part but does need completely replacing. Much of the internal woodwork on the upper floors was stripped out decades ago.
Blackborough House is home to 5 species of bats and careful consideration must be given to those. A new residence for them has been designed and will be built within the grounds.
Use of the house and garden as a car breakers yard for the past 65 years has taken its toll and although there is little contamination in the ground, there is still a lot of work to be done in clearing the site. By and large, almost all of the cars have been removed, leaving just small pockets of debris. The house has now been secured with fencing, padlocked gates and the use of CCTV cameras. Security lighting is also in place.
Although I appreciate that Blackborough House has become very intriguing to a lot of people, as they have been denied access for many years, it is a very derelict and unsafe building with possible danger at every turn. There is no internal lighting and anyone attempting an entry is laying themselves open to harm. There are no great period features in the house. Items of value, including 25 marble fireplaces were stripped out long ago.

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